We Light the Night Before Your Flight®

For decades the Official Dawn Patrol was the first indication to pilots, crew and spectators that the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® pilots had a flyable day ahead of them. The Dawn Patrol is the opening show of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Daily they provide "eye candy" to visitors as they drive to the field. Members of the Dawn Patrol, at their own expense, build custom night flight lights and receive certification from the FAA to fly with these lights before official sunrise. The Dawn Patrol pilots and crews arrive hours before mass ascensions to check weather and "confer and concur" that a safe Dawn Patrol Show can be presented. Coordinated cold packing and inflations are coordinated via radio communication with each pilot. After the Dawn Patrol is inflated the show begins, first on the ground and then later in the air. As each of the colorful balloons ascends gently into the night they slowly rotate showing their colorful gentle giants to the spectators. After all of the balloons are in the air the second show begins with an "all burn" or "flicker burn". The Dawn Patrol pilots remain in constant contact via their radios making sure to maintain proper altitude while at the same time creating a beautiful show in the morning light.
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